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The person behind the camera

Hello! My name is Gideon Schippers, the founder of Shot By Skip. Everyone has a story. I take pride in my creative ability to create visuals that best tell yours. I have spent many years perfecting my craft and currently serve the U.S. military as a photographer and filmmaker. In my spare time, I offer various services to the public for an affordable price.


Here at Shot By Skip, we cover a large spectrum of content creation. Whether it's family photos, events, business advertisements, weddings, real estate, or anything you can think of that needs stunning imagery. I am excited to work with you and create images that engrave memories, make statements, and stand out with the highest quality. When you book with Shot By Skip, you are not only booking a photographer; you're booking someone to share your passion and express it in the ways you desire. 

Gideon Schippers, Owner Shot By Skips, Photographer, Videographer.
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